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Human Health Studies_Applied Research and Development

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

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Purpose of this program:

To solicit scientific proposals designed to answer public health questions arising from situations commonly encountered at hazardous waste sites. The objective of this research program is to fill gaps in knowledge regarding human health effects of hazardous substances identified during the conduct of ATSDR's health assessments, consultations, toxicological profiles, and health studies, including but not limited to those health conditions prioritized by ATSDR. The ATSDR Priority Health Conditions are (in alphabetical order): (1) Birth defects and reproductive disorders; (2) cancers (selected anatomic sites); (3) immune function disorders; (4) kidney dysfunction; (5) Liver Dysfunction; (6) Lung and Respiratory Diseases; and (7) neurotoxin disorders.